Sysbanker EE: A reliable microfinance banking software in Nigeria.

Mr. Kola(not real name) is a loan recovery officer with an old generation microfinance bank. He’s been doing excellently well until the corona virus pandemic. From retail to commercial, deposit and credit banks, financial institutions now have to deal with a log of bad loans. Mr. Kola was worried because his processes seem to be cumbersome and clumsy, with near manual and iterative loan management processes.

#SysbankerEE, our complete, scalable and robust microfinance banking software in Nigeria specially designed for microfinance banks; automatically moves bad/non performing loans from the regular loan accounts to a memorandum account. This module takes off the burden of manual or repetitive processes involved in managing bad loans, and helps you to focus on other key aspects of your banking operations. And with its cloud implementation, you can monitor and manage loans efficiently, anywhere and in real time, without struggle.

It’s good to talk to us today at Mira Technologies. You’ll be glad to learn how #SysbankerEE can help your microfinance bank with loan management and debt control.

Sysbanker EE: your reliable partner in microfinance banking.

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