Microfinance Software

Research has shown that people look out for some basic requirements when procuring software,especially security,scalability and robustness.

Microfinance banks professionals also search for some basic but essential features when deploying microfinance banking software to their bank.

Sysbanker EE is a robust software equipped with all departmental functions of the bank ranging from credit analyst, loan officers,cashier, loan recovery officer, fiance controller,deposit mobilization officers etc.
Over the years,loans is one of the most important process in every microfinance bank,recognizing this,our loan module is carefully designed to support loan amortization and recovery processes.

No need to worry as we provide adequate support services to our clients.

Kindly reach out to us today at Mira Technologies and you will be better informed on how our user-friendly software can help you automate, secure and carry out your banking operations smoothly.

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