Financial inclusion;a function of agency banking.

Agency banking is gradually becoming one of the ways to better reach the financially under-served citizens.

Agency Banking is an alternative strategy in which microfinance banks use authorized agents .

Therefore, they are existing bank customers, who expand the reach of the branch network into remote areas.

Agency banking is a win-win situation for both banks and customers.

Likewise,it allows the banks to cut their costs and customers to avail banking services in a simplified manner.

Agency banking caters for the under-banked and under-served.

Hence, it is meant to Empower people to make them financially inclusive.

Agency banking is one of the effective tools the federal government through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is helping to reduce financial exclusion since 2013.

A microfinance bank needs a core banking solution that allows these merchants (agents) the ease and security of working remotely from their various locations.

Sysbanker EE is a web based secure, robust core banking solution that has been designed to integrate with the merchants platform.

At Mira Technologies we share utmost satisfaction when our reliable banking solution solves every need of the bank.

Kindly reach out to us at Mira Technologies for our pocket friendly software or or call Jumoke on 08168002506.

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