How to monitor loan field officer performance

Sysbanker EE microfinance banking software
Sysbanker EE microfinance banking software

Field Officers’ Performance Analysis 

For effective operation of microfinance banks, performance analysis is very important, especially for loan officers, field officers and agents.

Sysbanker EE, a core banking solution for microfinance banks is  robust, scalable, mobile responsive and cloud implementable. It provides powerful modules for efficient contributions, savings and loan collection.

Authorizing or supervising officers can now view each field officers wallet to approve their entries, assess the level of performance, or view collection details. 

Kindly reach out to us today at Mira Technologies and let’s share how Sysbanker EE can help for detailed report of field officers performance.

Sysbanker EE: your reliable partner in microfinance banking. 

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