Sysbanker EE, a robust microfinance banking software

Sysbanker EE, microfinance banking software
Sysbanker EE, microfinance banking software

When procuring a software, there are a number of factors to consider. One of such factors is easy navigation. A software must be designed in such a way that permits effortless navigation.

Sysbanker EE, our microfinance banking software is easy to use, robust, scalable and cloud based.

Sysbanker EE modules include user administration, audit module, s loan module, loan repayment schedule, savings, current and fixed accounts, interbank transactions, memorandum account, payroll, general ledger transactions, automation of interest and charges, budget module, email and sms notifications to customers and so much more.

Kindly reach out to us today at Mira Technologies and let’s share how Sysbanker EE can help with your microfinance banking operations. You can be sure of a more effective and efficient banking operations.

Sysbanker EE: your reliable partner in microfinance banking.

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