Becoming a Software Developer in 2020

Software developers
Software developers

Days are gone when Software Development or Engineering is mainly done by the Whites or those that have come of age or only those that obtained a degree in computer science-related fields. Nowadays, software development can be done by anybody, both old and young, even those that couldn’t make it to the University; all it requires is “PASSION” and perhaps the resources to get quality training when it really matters. Hence, the need for this timely topic: “Becoming a Software Developer in 2020“, the COVID-19 pandemic year. At the end of this article, you must have been enlightened and have all your questions & doubts cleard and probably take actions now that it really matters.

According to Wikipedia, Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. Software development is a process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense, it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, sometimes in a planned and structured process”.

Also “Learn How to Become” looked at it from the engineering perspective that “software engineering is the application of engineering principles to the design, development, and implementation of software”, which makes much sense because software engineering is technically-driven and is best approached from the scientific and technical approach. Some may argue strongly that to become a software developer one must have a degree in computer science and some special kind of training while many are also of the opinion that not having a degree should not limit those with the passion from becoming.

Having known what software development is all about; another question that now comes to mind is really WHO IS A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER?


From what we have learned so far about software development, it is now easy for us to conclude now that a software developer is one who conceives, specify, designs, programs, document, tests and fixes bugs involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks or other software related components.

It is no news that software development is now one of the most trending professions as those with the skills are now hotcakes in the labor market, with some earning so high than those with PhDs. There are a lot of employment opportunities for Software Developers across different sectors with attractive and mind-blowing salaries and incentives.

How do I become a Software Developer or Engineer?

I know by now you wish I moved faster because you’re already asking “but how then does one become a software developer as a Nigerian or wherever I may be from in other to start enjoying these numerous benefits of being one?”

The first thing is to answer one question first by yourself, telling yourself nothing but the truth. “Why do I want to become a Software Developer?”; is it for the fun that everyone you know is now into programming, or the money and incentives you have heard of so far that Software developers enjoy?. Once you answer this question, it will guide and help you understand the right direction, time, and resources you need to put into becoming a software developer. For instance, if you wish to become a professional programmer, you may need to do more. It will require your time and also resources in most cases for you to get the best.

The road map to becoming a software developer or software engineer has just a single route which is the Learning Route”. Yes, Learning how to is the only way to becoming. But it is important to note that, you don’t just start learning anything you come across out there or from anyhow person or place, you need to first choose a track or programming language which will be dependent on the purpose for which you want to learn software development. This is necessary and in most cases, you can seek advice and admonitions from Professionals; those that have been in the game for a long time now. This is why here at Mira Technologies training center, our experts take their time to advise, guide, and direct you to the right track that best suits you before diving into the learning process with you. But you may still be asking; how or where can you start this learning process in other to become a software developer? There are so many methods or approach which you can follow in learning to become a software developer.

The following methods are mostly used by different people depending on what works for them and the resources at hand:

  1. Using a self-thought approach: as this method may work for some people who are fast-learners and perhaps has a high IQ level, it may not work for others who take their time to understand some concepts under the supervision and guidance of another person. If you’re this last person, it is not bad at all; all you need to do is to follow the second approach below. What a self-thought person does is to look out for resources online, watch YouTube videos, follow some documentation, or maybe take some online courses as well. As lovely as the benefit of this approach may be, it also has some drawbacks which include:  i.) confusion as he/she may be confused at a point after overwhelming him/herself with too much recourse. ii.) This person may not have a solid understanding of some things and may make the same mistakes some developers have made because he/she is not guided by an experienced person.

2. Enrolling for Physical Classes or an online class with an Instructor:  the most advisable approach to becoming a software developer and beyond is to look out for the best software development training centers in Nigeria or anywhere you are and enroll yourself, not mainly because at the end you will be issued a certificate, but because of the skills you will acquire in the end as most software development training centers Like Mira Technologies LTD, Andela, Decagon or even Google teaches their students using real-life projects. Their training is 100% practical based, not theory as most training institutes do.  There are lots of advantages to learning software development with a company with a reputation, qualified tutors who have been tested and proven.

Do you want to learn how to program and become a software engineer or you want to take your existing skills to the next level and become a professional? Mira Technologies has created an opportunity for men and women, old and young who are passionate about software programming and are willing to develop themselves into world-class software developers. To register or learn more visit click.

One major advantage of this training is that their students get to participate and work on ongoing software projects to acquire hands-on software skills during the course of the program. Internship opportunity awaits you upon completion of the training. Limited spaces are available, take advantage of this opportunity.

Some of the Courses, you will get to learn at Mira Technologies include Web Development/Design (Javascript, PHP, Angular, React, Node.js, Vue, ASP.NET, MySQL) Mobile Development (with React Native/Flutter ). Secure Coding & Cybersecurity. Hence, you can become a front-end or full-stack mobile or web developer or a Cybersecurity expert by enrolling in any of their programs and getting certified in the end. Remember, nothing good comes that easy, it will require you been dedicated and committed. Look beyond the money take action now to kick start your journey to becoming a Professional Software Developer.

In conclusion, as the popular saying goes nothing good comes easy, I must tell you that you have to be diligent and patient with your learning process no matter the method you have chosen to learn, and then you are all set up to becoming…

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