Find out how to combat fraud using Sysbanker EE in MFI’s and MFB’s.

Find out how to combat fraud in MFI's and MFB's.
Find out how to combat fraud in MFI’s and MFB’s.

One of the major ways MFI’s and MFB’s combat fraud is the use of an automated system which handles their book of accounts seamlessly with little or no human interference.

Benefits of the account module are:

  1. Sysbanker EE helps these financial institutions to limit human error and time management.
  2. With the volume of cash inflow and outflow, Sysbanker EE uses the accounting module to reduce or curb fraud and risk
  1. Experience easy financial reporting which are easily exportable to financial regulators.
  2. Sysbanker EE helps show real time financial position of the business (income statement).
  1. Each of these classifications of accounts have their unique ten (10) digit identifiers.
  2. Sysbanker EE provides audit trail that tracks the activities of users of the system.

What’s more, during implementation we guide you on how to create these G/L’s and the right class of accounts they belong to.

Sysbanker EE, your reliable partner in microfinance banking.

Kindly reach out to us at Mira Technologies or visit our website or call Jumoke on 08168002506.

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