Why SME’S and MSME’s needs loan.

Why SME'S and MSME's needs loan.
Why SME’S and MSME’s needs loan.

A lot of SME’s and MSME’s alongside individuals need loans to help maintain and grow their businesses and also improve their cash-flow.

Sysbanker EE is a core banking application that understands this integral part of the bank, therefore automating the whole process.

Therefore, Features of the loan module are:

  1. Performing, substandard, pass and watch, doubtful and lost analysis is done with the software.
  2. Missed repayments, due loans, view principal amount of loans only, and also viewing per sector.
  1. System enables you to create different processing fee for each of your loan.
  2. Valid means of identification, utility bill, passport photograph, signature and image capturing, collateral (s) are some necessary documents that must be submitted by an individual in Sysbanker EE.

We customize to suit the different loan packages the MFI’s and MFB’s have at no cost to them.

Sysbanker EE, your reliable partner in microfinance banking.https://miratechnologiesng.com/products/sysbankeree/

Kindly reach out to us at Mira Technologies or visit our website https://miratechnologiesng.com/products/sysbankeree/ or call Jumoke on 08168002506.

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