What are fixed assets to microfinance institutions

What is fixed assets to microfinance institutions
What is fixed assets to microfinance institutions

Fixed assets are non-current assets, meaning the assets have a useful life of more than a year.

Fixed assets include office furniture, land and buildings, machines, property, plant and equipment and they are all recorded on the balance sheet.

Sysbanker EE handles the management of the assets depreciation over time to reduce the cost of the asset.

The system handles the recording , depreciation and amortization of these assets.

Benefits of using Sysbanker EE asset module are:
1. Asset information at a glance (cost, life span, present value, depreciation)

2. Its an avenue of saving money as most times the assets are sold and the revenue is ploughed back into the business.
3. Inventory management and maintenance.

4. Sysbanker EE eliminates paperwork and reduces human error.
5. The system makes provision to select the date you want an asset to start depreciation.

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